Huang Luqing

Huang Luqing(Full time lawyer, Director)

Ms. Huang has been acting as licenced lawyer for 19 years, she has handled over 500 cases, including but not limited property law, company law, contract law, marriage law etc. civil and business fields and crime in economics and criminal conviction. She gained heaps of litigation experience. Albeit she is busy with her works, but she kept updating her knowledge. She ever studied professional knowledge from Southwest Political Science and Law University, China East Political Science and Law University, Wuhan University respectively. She was rewarded the honor of “The 9th excellent criminal defense lawyer” thanks to her rich practical experience. And the case handled by her was elected into 10 classic cases of Guangdong lawyers state owned assets areas. She was rewarded the honor of “Excellent Professional Committee Member 2017” thanks to her reliability characters; She was invited to be the alternative speaker of at news channel of Guangdong TV Station thanks to her profound theory knowledge.

Currently Ms. Luqing Huang is the professional committee member of State owned assets at Guangdong Provincial Lawyers Association, The mediator of Guangzhou Arbitration Committee, People’s Monitor of Guangzhou Procuratorate, Guangdong lawyers Team of Great Wall Assets, Intermediate and small enterprises team of experts, The 9th Professional Committee of Crime in Economics Committee at Guangzhou Lawyers Association co general secretary, The deputy Secretary of Guangzhou Entrepreneur Investment Commercial Chamber.

Areas of Expertise

Enterprise legal risks prevention and eligibilities assessment, The criminal defense in the field of crime in economics

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