Zhang Hui

Zhang Hui(Full time lawyer, Director)

Since 1998, she has worked in the Guangzhou Municipal Inspection, Law, and Division Systems, specializing in criminal, civil and commercial litigation, government legal services, and legal aid. She has participated in more than 4,000 cases and accumulated major and sensitive cases. Extensive experience in government legal affairs. Major criminal cases involving regional and national influences, participation in the revision of the implementation of criminal legal aid regulations in the region, relevant government regulations and systems; development of the national pilot system for the first legal aid service center in the country And documents; assist the grassroots government to successfully handle a number of major lawsuits involving complaints and complaints.
After becoming a full-time social lawyer, she has been focusing on the defense of various criminal cases, as well as the work of corporate and government legal counsel. She has handled a large number of criminal cases involving intellectual property rights, smuggling and major economic crimes, providing criminal special legal advisory services for multinational corporations and large state-owned enterprises, providing perennial legal advisory services to grassroots governments, villages and residences, and participating in provincial and municipal lawyers. Resolve and represent the talent pool of law-related complaints and petitions.

Professional papers and awards:
● “Ruoweiquan and other robberies” (Selected in the highest, provincial, and municipal court cases, “China Trial Cases”)
● “Zhang Fangjun, Zhang Fangshu’s first instance judgment” (provincial and municipal courts outstanding) The ruling instrument, “Tianda magic treasure typical case”)
● “Convenient people benefit the people to promote harmony, benefit the people and protect the people” (“Guangzhou Legal Aid Information” 2010, the 8th issue of the total period 59, “China Legal Aid Network”, ” Guangdong Province Political and Legal Network”)
● “Innovation of Social Management Model, Benefiting People and People” (“China Legal Aid” 2011 8th Issue, Issue 84)
● Awarded “2016 Business Achievement Award” by Guangzhou Lawyers Association

Areas of Expertise

Criminal case defense, corporate and government legal advisor services.

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